The Count-down Begins

cruise route

We are just 10 days away from our departure date of 29 January. The packing is yet to commence in earnest. We are still at the stage where, when we see something we might need on the trip, we through it into the “wanna” box (a box full of stuff we wanna take but have yet to determined where we will pack it or if there will be space for it). Long johns and warm coats were the first to land in the box though when I looked at the size of our two coats I feared that was all we would have space for, so I went out a bought a vacuum storage bag and now both our coats take up less space that a couple of frozen pizzas and are about as rock solid….great invention, but let’s hope it doesn’t pop in flight and cause my suitcase to explode like a cane toad in a  microwave.

I’ve organised a new lens for my camera after my other one was damaged in our trip to Victoria in the Beast. I sent it off to be repaired but am unlikely to see it returned in time for this trip and Heaven forbid I should be without a functioning zoom lens.

Skimming over the reams of necessary documentation, I am drawn to our flight itinerary. It would appear that we are due to arrive in Santiago, Chile exactly 1.5 hours before our flight departs Australia. 

So I want you to carefully watch this page and please email me the name of the winning horse in The Mooney Ponds Cup being run that day so that I can get a bet in from Santiago before the race is run.

Foot note: no nefarious amphibians were harmed in the creation of this blog.


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