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El Condor Pasa

One of the most majestic sights you could imagine is that of a mighty Andean Condor riding the strong thermal air currents through the Andes Mountains. With wing spans of up to 3.2 metres or nearly 10.5 feet it has the largest wing area of any flying bird on earth.


We were fortunate enough to witness this spectacle during our recent trip to Santiago, Chile.

Montana Nativa offer day trips into the Andes. They are mountaineers, not just tour guides and have inside knowledge of the native fauna and flora which made our experience far more engaging than we had expected.


We left the road and followed a dirt track across a farmers field, through paddocks of grazing cattle to a place where more than 27 Condor where continually landing and taking off. They were participating in a luncheon banquet and we were there to witness the spectacle. _MG_2303-001

We went on the excursion hoping to see a Condor or two and were rewarded by this amazing display.

Click here to watch a video.


After we departed the Banquet table we continued to one of the ski resorts. Uninhabited during the summer session, we discovered a group of Condor using the high roofs as launching pads to catch the strong thermal currents over the valley.


One group had a little Ménage à trois going on, or at least the male had high hopes of getting it on. I happened to catch it all on video and here it is (almost as it happened): Ménage à trois (turn on your speakers for this one)

Okay so maybe I edited it a bit….call it poetic licence.